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Park Status March 8, 2020

As you may know by now, Goshen residents voted a 1% sales tax. A portion of this tax can be considered for developing & maintaining Goshen Parks. Thank you all so much for your participation in the Goshen Parks Survey and sales tax vote. The Goshen Parks Commission will be making recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on the above requirements. Nearly one third of the amount of people who voted for the sales tax increase also voted in the Survey. Parks will be largely based on the survey results which continue to favor walk trails, picnic areas and include a half basketball court at the community center.

A grant request is planned to be submitted to the State Parks early this summer that could help us develop Goshen Parks while leveraging some of the tax funds. Selection for that very competitive grant is scheduled before the end of the year. The Parks Commission will continue to hold open meetings to ensure community involvement while compiling recommendations for the Mayor and City Council regarding parks that are desired by our residents.

The Goshen Parks Commission

Parks Commission Public Meeting: Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Goshen Parks Commission received the preliminary results of the ongoing parks survey at the Parks Commission first open public meeting Thursday, February 13 2020. Currently trails, picnic areas, and the half-court basketball / picnic / play area at the community center received the most votes so they will be strongly considered in the Parks Master Plan.  Only 4.6% of the respondents did not want parks funded. The survey will be part of the grant submission in June and will remain active until then. The more participants the higher the probability we will be selected for a grant. The only limitation for participation is one vote per email address so others in the household can vote.

Survey results also will be strongly considered in park development through the Parks Master Plan should Goshen voters approve the local sales tax referendum on March 3rd which will help fund and maintain Goshen parks.

The Goshen Parks Commission